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Spielberg's "Oldboy" Remake Still on Course Despite Legal Wrangles


Another week, another remake story...

This time, Reuters are reporting that Steven Spielberg's plans to redo ultra-violent Korean revenge flick Oldboy with Will Smith in the lead role are still moving forward, despite a complex behind-the-scenes legal row between the publishers of the original manga and the producers of the original film.

Futabasha has filed a case against Show East in Seoul, alleging the Korean company never had the right to negotiate a remake. To futher complicate the story, Show East has shut down, its CEO, Kim Dong-Ju, has disappeared, and another firm involved in the production of the original, Big Egg, has also closed up shop.

DreamWorks, which snapped up the rights in November in the wake of its separation from Paramount, has so far not commented on the dispute.

Hopefully the court battle

Hopefully the court battle will cause Spielberg to drop the idea.  Spielberg is my favorite director, but his plans for this remake, especially the casting of Will Smith, could not have been good.

I understand the reason they keep remaking foreign horror films (people don't like subtitles, almost as much as they don't like dubs), but it... just... for lack of a better term, sucks.  The originals are always better, and it's not as big of a burden to read subtitles as everyone makes it out to be.  Hell, I turn subtitles on when I watch a movie that's in English.

Until I see an image of Will

Until I see an image of Will Smith eating a live squid, I will not be convinced that this remake is a good idea.

If I see Will Smith in one

If I see Will Smith in one more " strong black man saves the world " role

I may need a large popcorn sized barf pail. 

nothing personal against him , but his schtick is getting old and that agenda has become very boring

In the,  I am legend, flick, which had potential , the cliche of him running into the only two surving woman in the city

who  just happened to be white , was the icing on the cake of boredom and will smith for me.

so, maybe a giant squid eating Mr Smith  would be entertainment