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Morality and Mortality in "Pathology"

Pathology Cast

Death, to most people, is a fairly abstract concept. Pathologists, though, deal with the physical reality of death. They face daily reminders that the human body is easily broken. Reminders that every one of us has an expiration date.

Pathology, a new horror-thriller which came out in limited release on April 18th, gives us a look at a group of medical students that deal with death by pushing their own lives to the limits. Drugs, twisted sex and murder are just recreational activities for these characters.

“We've numbed ourselves to what death is to many people - to whatever that provokes,” says Michael Weston, who plays Dr. Jake Gallo. “And that numbness has caused us to try and find out what really makes us alive. My character has a bunch of friends that he corrals into this 'game' of murder. ”(read more...)

"Pathology" Set Visit

Pathology Cast

The camera slides on a track, following actor Michael Weston as he pontificates to his fellow pathologists.  A murder victim lies on a slab in the center of the room.  Like so many detectives before them, these characters are trying to figure out the cause of death.  Unlike most murder mysteries, though, they're not trying to bring the killer to justice.  In fact, the killer is sitting in the room, drinking a beer and watching the proceedings with a smug look.  For these pathology students, killing is a game - a way to show off their smarts.  Who among them can commit the perfect murder; a death so subtle that their fellow killers can't even detect the cause?(read more...)

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