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The Deadly Spawn on Blu-Ray!


Justice! Justice has come to us horror fans around the world!

The 80's cult sci-fi horror film, The Deadly Spawn, is going to see life on a new entertainment medium - Blu-Ray. According to Amazon.com, The Deadly Spawn will be released on Blu-Ray January 24th, 2012, all thanks to Elite Entertainment. In The Deadly Spawn, two campers unleash an alien parasite from a meteorite, which then makes its way to the basement of an old house. The alien soon comes in conflict with four young teenagers, and one pre-teen boy, who are determined to stop it before it devours all of humanity.

The bonus features will include a commentary track, a still gallery, casting footage, a gag reel, a theatrical trailer and TV spot, an enhanced opening scene (hopefully no CGI), television review footage, and much more!

Elite Entertainment will also release Hell on Earth, directed by The Deadly Spawn writer and producer Ted A. Bohus, on DVD in conjunction with the release of The Deadly Spawn Blu-Ray. Both are available for pre-order from now until January 24th, 2012 exclusively at Amazon.com. So come on! Grab your wallet, get it to throw up a twenty, and buy what is a great, gory and fun alien movie from the 80's! 

While I can't say I'm not

While I can't say I'm not excited about watching this movie, after all it is one of my favorite classics, I was hopping they would release a remake. Some of the re-made classics have so much potential that I don't see why they don't just do it. Imagine the kind of special effects this movie could have had these days!