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The "Devils" in the DVD Details (UPDATED)


UPDATE: There will be no release of The Devils in the near-future.

Warner Bros. Home Video will be releasing Ken Russell's controversial 1971 film The Devils on DVD on May 20th, 2008. Although the disc will be without special features, it will contain the complete 111-minute uncut version of the film. An adaptation of the play by John Whiting (in turn adapted from the nonfiction book "The Devils of Loudon" by Aldous Huxley), the film deals with the Inquisition and specifically Cardinal Richlieu's attempts to gain control in France. To do this, he must put an end to Urban Grandier (Oliver Reed), a Protestant priest in the walled town of Loudon. Richilieu sets out to prove that Grandier is a witch who engages in orgiastic behavior with the nuns of a local convent.

UPDATED, 02/29/08, 4:27PM MST: Tim Lucas reports that the DVD may be a hoax. Further, Tom Woodward over at DVDActive has updated his post, stating that the disc has been removed from Warners schedule. All told, this points fairly clearly that we probably won't be seeing Russell's masterpiece on the 20th of May. Alas and alack.

UPDATED AGAIN, 02/29/08, 5:20PM MST: It turns out that there are no plans for The Devils in 2008, but that the rumor came direct from Warner Bros. themselves, according to Hollywood Elsewhere. Someone accidentally added the title information and art for a disc that wasn't coming out at all. Very strange indeed.