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"The Host 2" Coming At You


Bong Joon-ho's South Korean monster flick The Host has gained quite a reputation over here in the States, so this news isn't surprising:  Chungeorahm Film, the production company behind the film, is planning a sequel, according to Yonhap News. "We'll start making the film from this fall," said Choi Yong-bae, CEO of Chungeorahm. Joon-ho will reportedly not be involved, as he will be working on other projects. The Host 2 is projected to have a budget of 10 billion won (roughly $10.8 million US dollars). The technical staff will begin by making a ten-minute test film, as the previous movie used CGI expertise imported from The Orphanage, an effects company based in the United States. However, Choi said, "We believe it's quite possible to make the CGs locally this time."

The original film involved a pollution-spawned monster in Seoul's Han River and one family's struggle to save their youngest when she is kidnapped by the creature.