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The Terrophile: Love Shack of the Evil Dead (Fanvid)

Evil Dead poster

Sometimes when I'm coming up with my fanvids, I think of the movie or television series I want to work with, and then come up with a song. Sometimes I like of a song and try to find a fandom to vid it to. However, with my latest creation, the song and source came at the same time in a burst of inspiration: The B-52's "Love Shack" paired with The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II. In hindsight, it's an obvious pairing. However, the actual editing process was less obvious. From start to finish, this video was a year and a half in the making. I hope you enjoy it.

If you want a little more Army of Darkness with your B-52's, my friend SE made another Evil Dead vid with the same song and footage from all three films in the trilogy (funny but true story -- SE and I were actually working on our Love Shack vids simultaneously and unaware of the other person's project).

Many thanks to my wife for her helpful comments and moral support, even as she had to avert her eyes during the gross parts.

OMFG!  THIS was too kewl! 

OMFG!  THIS was too kewl!  You did an awesome job - I gotta let my peeps know about this!  Keep up the creepy work, dude -- and do you have any more like this?