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Carnosaur (1993)



The master of cashing in on popular movies for a quick, cheap buck, schlock producer Roger Corman got this low-budget gorefest into a few theaters before Spielberg's Jurassic Park devoured the summer of 93's box-office. Better than most of Corman's 90's output of cheesy action and soft-core porn, Carnosaur features ridiculously awful dinosaurs effects, horrendous acting and an inane plot, making it a throwback to the classic films of Corman's New World Productions.

Convinced that mankind has become irredeemably dangerous, mad scientist Diane Ladd intends to kill off the human race in order to save Earth. Her brilliant plan: When women eat her genetically altered chicken eggs (scrambled, poached, over easy, it doesn't matter) they will become pregnant with baby dinosaurs. The unsuspecting mothers will then perish during childbirth, leaving a planet of men to be slowly but surely devoured by a new race of super dinosaurs.

It doesn't seem like a very effective plan considering it depends wholly on a health-conscious society's craving for a breakfast delicacy, but suspend disbelief a little. It's up to drunken night watchman Raphael Sbarge and tree hugging hippie conservationist Jennifer Runyon to save their town and the planet, as stock "evil government" characters try to cover up the dino-carnage.

Though cheaply made, Carnosaur acknowledges its shortcomings and ends up a near classic of bad cinema. There's shameless Corman product placement (in the initial summit between military leaders and scientists, every attendee is drinking a strategically placed Coke), special effects the equal of rubber chickens dangling on string and hilariously over the top gore.

Sbarge makes a passable hero (though Ghostbusters actress and former hottie Runyon pretty much put the final nail in her career's coffin with this one), plus you get Oscar winner Diane Ladd giving birth to a baby dinosaur and camp demigod Clint Howard served as brunch to rampaging poultry. Add that to a classic bleak ending and you've got the last of Corman's great B-movie concoctions.