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Jack Veasey

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I grew up in Philadelphia, in a waterfront factory neighborhood called Fishtown. I've been a horror fan since childhood. I've worked as a journalist, editor and writing teacher. I'm now mostly retired. I live in a small town in Central PA near Hershey, with my life partner of nearly 30 years. I'm the Group Manager of "Midnight Movies," a horror and science fiction movie group at Eons.Com.
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Review: Curse of the Demon (1957)

Curse of the Demon poster

The black and white Curse of the Demon made its American debut in 1958 as the bottom half of a double bill with the Hammer sequel Revenge of Frankenstein. 96 minutes long in its initial British release the year before, it had been cut by 14 minutes and retitled (it was originally called Night of the Demon). Not an auspicious beginning for a classic. Curse of the Demon deserves the accolades it eventually received; it’s a gem, though not a flawless one. (read more...)