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April 2007 DVD Preview


Welcome to Haunted Newsreel's DVD Preview for April. This edition is sponsored by Anchor Bay Entertainment's upcoming discs for Dead and Deader, Masters of Horror: Family, Noein: Volume 3, and their theatrical release Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

Anchor Bay Entertainment:

Bava Collection Volume 1 on DVD from Anchor Bay Bava Collection Volume 1, 04/03/07 - Can you say "jackpot"? That's right, I knew you could. The Bava Collection features five features by the godfather of giallo Mario Bava, many of which haven't been available on DVD for years. The set includes Black Sunday, Black Sabbath, The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Kill, Baby... Kill!, and Knives of the Avenger (this last is not horror but a viking movie). Sunday, Sabbath, and Girl all feature commentary by "Video Watchdog" and Bava expert Tim Lucas. (buy it)
Phantasm on DVD from Anchor Bay Phantasm, 04/10/07 - The treats keep coming. The Anchor Bay Collection follows its much-heralded release of Re-Animator with this definitive disc for Don Coscarelli's sci-fi horror nightmare. The Phantasm DVD features audio commentary, deleted scenes, featurettes, interviews, and trailers, plus both DTS and Dolby Digital surround audio. If you don't want to buy it, you already have it. Or you're already dead. (buy it)
Phantasm III on DVD from Anchor Bay Phantasm III, 04/10/07 - Can't get enough Tall Man in your life? Who can? On April 10th, Phantasm III makes its Region 1 DVD debut, also as a part of the Anchor Bay Collection (sadly, a Phantasm II disc has yet to make an appearance on these shores). The third installment of the Phantasm series comes with DTS and Dolby digital surround soundtracks, audio commentary (by Michael Baldwin and Angus Scrimm), deleted scenes, trailers, and a featurette. (buy it)
Dead and Deader on DVD from Anchor Bay
Dead and Deader, 04/10/07 - Superman becomes a half-zombie killing machine. I dig it. Dean Cain stars in what is being described as a "zomedy" (zombie movie + comedy = zomedy) about an undead infestation caused by bugs. Only one man can stop it -- one man and his motley crew of weird and wacky allies (including John Billingsley of Star Trek: Enterprise and Dean Haglund of The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen). DVD features audio commentary, a photo gallery, and a featurette. (buy it)
Masters of Horror: Family Masters of Horror: Family, 03/27/07 - This month's "Masters of Horror" release is from An American Werewolf in London director John Landis. This time he takes a note from Joe Dante and sets his horror story in the picket fence world of the American suburb. Bachelor Harold Thompson is building a family. Unfortunately, nobody told him you don't do it by murdering people and stripping the flesh from their bones. Seems like common sense, really. Family includes audio commentary by screenwriter Brett Hanley, featurettes, and a still gallery. (buy it)

Blue Underground:

The folks at BU are unleashing another salvo of classic Eurohorror titles on 04/24/07, including titles by Lamberto Bava and Lucio Fulci. The list of titles include:

The Black Cat '81 (buy it)
House by the Cemetery (buy it)
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (buy it)
Macabre (buy it)


The Living Coffin, 04/24/07 (buy it)
The Man and the Monster, 04/24/07 (buy it)

Dark Sky:

Naked You Die, 04/24/07 (buy it)

Dimension Films:

Black Christmas (Unrated), 04/03/07 (buy it)

Image Entertainment:

Morella's Blood Flood, 04/10/07 - Three movie set containing Grave of the Vampire, House of Evil, and Guru, the Mad Monk. (buy it)

Lions Gate:

Beneath Still Waters, 04/10/07 (buy it)
The Rival, 04/17/07 (buy it)
Diary of a Cannibal, 04/24/07 (buy it)


Twin Peaks Season Two, 04/03/07 (buy it)


Slaughter Night, 04/10/07 (buy it)

Are there other DVDs coming out this month? Certainly. Did I miss one you were really looking forward to? Possibly. Drop me a line if there's something you feel needs mentioning.