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"Boogeyman" Website Launches


Sam Raimi (director of Evil Dea-oh, come on, I really hope that if you're on classic-horror.com, you know who Sam Raimi is -- the man needs no introduction) and his genre production company, Ghost House Pictures, who recently unleashed The Grudge, are currently pimping the release of their second film, Boogeyman, with the release of the official website (check it out here: http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/boogeyman/index.html). From the looks of the website, I must say that Boogeyman looks creative, original, and unique -- everything The Grudge was not. I realize that people in Internetville have been complaining how much the synopsis for Boogeyman seems a little too similar to 2003's Darkness Falls, but those complaints were issued before the trailer was released. Anyone who complains about any similarities to Darkness Falls after viewing the trailer (which can be seen on the official website) is, well… just wrong (for the time being, anyway). Unless a haggard, charred, and toothless old woman goes murdering people off-screen and cowering away from beams of light suddenly in Boogeyman, I don't see the film getting too deep in Darkness Falls territory. Definitely make it a point to check out the ultra-interactive website for Boogeyman, though, because not only does it include some cool Ben Templesmith art, freaky facts that have inspired the legend of the Boogeyman, and the standard trailer, synopsis, cast and crew, and downloads sections, but also a particularly awesome section where visitors can write about their own encounters with the B to the n himself (wait…what?), and promises of a Boogeyman Shockwave game.