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Craven Says He's Disappointed with "Cursed"


If you by chance went to see Cursed, let me just apologize to you. Being a victim of the lycanthropic cinematic travesty myself, I can safely proclaim that no living creature should ever have to be subjected to such torture as Cursed dished out (and I DO NOT mean that in a good way). Not only was the movie horrible, but it also signified the uselessness of Wes Craven's (who directed it, for those that don't know) "master of horror" title. But just as I, and I know many, many others, were about to strip him of that honorable title, this pops up in the distance. What is it? What could possibly be here to rescue Craven's career? Why, proclamations of why Cursed was so damn bad, straight from Craven's mouth! Craven recently told the New York Post the following:

"I'm very disappointed with Cursed.The contract called for us to make an R-rated film. We did. It was a very difficult process. Then it was basically taken away from us and cut to PG-13 and ruined. It was two years of very difficult work and almost 100 days of shooting of various versions. Then at the very end, it was chopped up and the studio thought they could make more with a PG-13 movie, and trashed it. We were writing while we were shooting. It wasn't ready to film. We rewrote, recast and had two major reshoots. It went on and on and on."

There's tons more where that came from, and it's not all about Cursed. To read the entire interview with Craven, simply click on the following link: http://www.nypost.com/entertainment/41755.htm