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First Season of "Tales from the Darkside" Coming to DVD

Tales from the Darkside Season 1 DVD

In 1983, George A. Romero and his business partner Richard Rubinstein launched a horror anthology series entitled Tales from the Darkside. Made for syndication, the show presented a new tale of terror every week for four seasons, eventually making a total of ninety modestly-budgeted episodes. Many of the episodes were based on works by renowned authors like Stephen King, Robert Bloch, and Harlan Ellison.

Now, Paramount Home Entertainment has announced that the twenty-four episodes comprising Tales from the Darkside's first season will be available on DVD on February 10, 2009. Highlights of this season include the Tom Savini-directed "Inside the Closet," the Bloch-based "A Case of the Stubborns" (starring a young Christian Slater), and "The Word Processor of the Gods," based on a story by King and directed by frequent Romero cinematographer Michael Gornick. No word yet on whether there will be any special features or not.