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Hatchet promises "Old School American Horror" at SDCC 2007 PICS UPDATED


Writer-director Adam Green is using San Diego Comic-Con 2007 to get the word out about his new R-rated slasher film, Hatchet, which is being touted to signal the return of “Old School American Horror”. With a planned theatrical release on September 7th to only 80 theaters nationwide, this Anchor Bay production is already making waves in the film festival circuit,  winning awards at both Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal and the Austin Fantastic Fest.

Lacking the funding for a large-scale marketing strategy, Green is depending on word-of-mouth to increase box office turn out. To help with the cause, he has enlisted the help of his cast to promote the film – in particular horror film stars Kane Hodder (stuntman/actor and the man who has played Jason Voorhees more than anyone else), Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), and Tony Todd (Candyman). Englund in particular drew quite a crowd at today's panel, and, with the added exhortations of Smith and friend Dee Snyder (of Twisted Sister), the members of that crowd will hopefully tell their friends. There is a wider national release planned - provided the film suceeds in its initial trial run.

According to Green, Hatchet is about returning “to what horror is all about: having a good time.” While Hatchet promises to be gory and violent, its effectiveness doesn't rely on rape or torture like many modern R-rated horror films. Instead, Hatchet is about the monsters and villains, and delivering a good scare.

In fact, Green is so serious about this goal that he made it a point during production to keep his actors scared during shooting. When the characters see Victor Crowley, the main villian, for the first time, it is also the first time for the actors, ensuring their reactions are genuine. Pranks also played a key part in production, scaring actors so that when they returned to the camera, their hearts were already pounding.

Hatchet also features what promises to be one of the most gory death scenes in recent memory: a belt sander to the face. Joleigh Fioreavanti, who plays one of a tourist in the film, says that when she saw the script, she thought to herself, “I need this part. I need to have my face mangled.”

Hatchet director Adam Green
Hatchet director Adam Green
Panel moderator Dee Snider and Adam Green
Panel moderator Dee Snider and Adam Green
Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, and Tony Todd
Hatchet actors Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, and Tony Todd

In-depth interviews with the cast and crew of Hatchet are yet to come as Classic-Horror.com's coverage of San Diego Comic-Con International 2007 continues!