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The "Devils" in the DVD Details (UPDATED)

UPDATE: There will be no release of The Devils in the near-future.(read more...)

Heed the "Storm Warning" on DVD

Storm Warning DVD

A couple stranded by a storm find that the weather isn't their only worry in Storm Warning, a new horror-thriller from director Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend), coming to DVD on February 5th, 2008 from Dimension Extreme. Storm Warning received awards for Best Score and Best Special FX at LA Screamfest when it premiered at the festival in October 2007. The DVD will feature the unrated, extended cut of the film with a Dolby 5.1 English soundtrack.(read more...)

Blue Underground's Two-Disc "Living Dead at Manchester Morgue"

Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

On February 26th, 2008, Blue Underground will be releasing a two-disc special edition of Jorge Grau's The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue,a film they previously released as a single disc under the alternate title Let Sleeping Corpses Lie. The new release will include a fresh widescreen transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1 English soundtrack (as well as a Dolby Surround 2.0 track and the original mono), trailers, TV and radio spots, a gallery of publicity materials, and interviews with Grau, star Ray Lovelock, and effects guru Giannetto de Rossi. The Grau interview from the old Let Sleeping Corpses Lie release will also be included.

Also out that day from Blue Underground are four Italian giallo films previously released by Anchor Bay: The Bloodstained Shadow, Case of the Bloody Iris, Short Night of Glass Dolls, and Who Saw Her Die?

Rob Zombie's "Halloween" Coming to DVD for Christmas

Halloween 2007 Unrated DVD

Genius Entertainment will release Rob Zombie's Halloween, a remake of the 1978 John Carpenter classic, in separate rated and unrated two-disc special editions on December 18th, 2007. The rated disc will feature the film as it played in the theaters and buyers will have a choice between widescreen and fullscreen. The widescreen-only unrated version, which features 11 minutes of additional footage, is being touted as Zombie's director's cut. Features for all editions include:(read more...)

Full Details for Unrated "Hatchet" DVD

Hatchet DVD

Anchor Bay has passed word to Fangoria that Adam Green's retro-slasher Hatchet (read our enthusiastic review) will be hitting DVD on December 18th, 2007, just in time for Christmas. Not only that, but the film will be uncut and unrated, which is great news for gorehounds. Special features will include:(read more...)

Recall of "Children Shouldn't Play..." DVD

DVD Drive-in reports that VCI Entertainment has issued a recall on all copies of Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things: Exhumed Edition after discovering a major error in the disc. A miscommunication in the final stages of production resulted in a cut version of the film with unfinished video corrections being released. VCI will begin an immediate recall of the problem DVDs and will replace them as soon as the corrected DVD master can be replicated. All direct wholesale and retail customers should contact a VCI Customer Service Rep by calling 800-331-4077, emailing vci@vcient.com, or faxing 918-254-6117 to make arrangements. Instructions on how consumers who have already purchased the DVD can get a replacement disc will be posted on the VCI website within the next few days.

Shear Terror on "Black Sheep" DVD

Black Sheep DVD

More DVD news from the Weinstein Company and Genius Products, this time for the New Zealand rampaging animal flick Black Sheep. Writer/director Jonathan King's horror-comedy will be available to purchase on October 9, 2007 on the Dimension Extreme label. Suggested retail price is $24.95 (pre-order Black Sheep on Amazon.com). The disc will include:(read more...)

Dark Sky to Release Curtis Harrington's "The Killing Kind" on DVD

The Killing Kind DVD

Curtis Harrington's 1973 crime-horror-thriller The Killing Kind will be making its DVD debut courtesy of Dark Sky Films, DVD Drive-In reports. The disc will also contain the last on-camera interview with Harrington, who died earlier this year. In the film, Terry Lambert (John Savage) is released from prison and moves into a boarding house run by his overbearing mother (Ann Sothern). While spying on one of the tenants (Cindy Williams) gives Terry some pleasure, things are not all well. He's developed a taste for rough sex and violence while in prison. When the judge (Ruth Roman) and key witness (Sue Bernard) who put Terry behind bars meet terrible fates, how long will it be before things turn badly for the other women in his life?(read more...)

"Mario Bava Collection Volume 2" Cover Art

Mario Bava Collection Volume 2

We've received the cover art for Anchor Bay's Mario Bava Collection: Volume 2. This box set, set for release October 23rd, will contain eight of Bava's films, including Lisa and the Devil, House of Exorcism, Bay of Blood, Baron Blood, Kidnapped, Roy Colt and Winchester Jack, 5 Dolls for an August Moon, and Four Times that Night. Bava expert Tim Lucas (who recently released the definitive book on Bava, "Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark", available for order here) provided commentary tracks for Lisa and the Devil, Baron Blood, and Bay of Blood. A commentary for House of Exorcism by producer Alfredo Leone and star Elke Sommer has been imported from Image's previous release of the film.(read more...)

Cover Art for "Hellraiser" 20th Anniversary DVD

Hellraiser 20th Anniversary DVD

A swing through Anchor Bay's website revealed the cover art for their upcoming 20th Anniversary DVD of Clive Barker's Hellraiser, due to hit shelves on October 23rd, 2007. The disc will contain:(read more...)

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