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Welcome to Godzilla Week

Godzilla / Gojira

Here he comes, the King of Monsters, one of the great pop culture icons of all time, the one and only Godzilla. This giant lizard has been stomping around for the past fifty-five years, variably as villain, hero, and antihero. He's faced dozens of other monsters, from the benevolent Mothra to the world-conqueror King Ghidorah. He's been the subject of cartoons, pop songs, and a metric ton of collectible toys. This week, Classic-Horror.com has teamed up with The Sci-Fi Block to honor the big guy with a week of reviews. Each day this week, Monday through Friday, we'll post a new Godzilla review here at Classic-Horror, and a different review of the same film will go up over at SFB.

Monday, May 18th: Godzilla 2000 (1999) -- Classic-Horror review / Sci-Fi Block review

Tuesday, May 19th: Godzilla 1985 (1985) -- Classic-Horror review / Sci-Fi Block review

Wednesday, May 20th: Ghidorah: The Three-Headed Monster (1964) -- Classic-Horror review / Sci-Fi Block review

Thursday, May 21st: Godzilla (1998) -- Classic-Horror review / Sci-Fi Block review

Friday, May 22nd: Gojira (1954) -- Classic-Horror review / Sci-Fi Block review

Once we're done here, though, the Godzilla fun continues over at The Sci-Fi Block for another week's worth of reviews, so make sure to keep checking over there through the end of May!