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Haunted Newsreel

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New Sister Site: The Sci-Fi Block

The Sci-Fi Block

Classic-Horror review writer Robert Ring has been hard at work since January 2007 on a secret project that he is finally unveiling to the public at large: The Sci-Fi Block. Very much like Classic-Horror.com for the science fiction genre, The Sci-Fi Block takes a measured, analytical view of fantastic cinema from yesteryear to today.(read more...)

Tribute Video: Universal Monsters

Universal Monsters vid banner

Under my vidder alias "Jetpack Monkey", I recently created a fanvid for Universal's classic monster movies, set to Rob Thomas's "Ever the Same." I chose the song because I wanted something modern and poppy to create a juxtaposition with the Gothic imagery (in point of fact, I really kind of hate the song). I've embedded it below.

If you have trouble viewing the video on Classic-Horror, it is also available as a 26MB Quicktime file (right-click the link and select "Save as..." from the menu).(read more...)

The Comic-Con Experience 2008

Comic-Con logo

Since that first convention in 1970, with just 300 people in attendance, San Diego Comic-Con has been devoted to the celebration of the popular arts. While the heart of Comic-Con may be comic books and graphic novels, over the years the event has developed into something of a geek haven, with little bit of everything, appealing to fans across genres. It is this culture of diversity, this unabashed love of popular art – including horror – that now draws over 100,000 people to the San Diego Convention Center, including the staff of Classic-Horror.com
(read more...)

San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Post-Mortem

Comic-Con logo

Well, another Comic-Con has come and gone and we have all sorts of coverage we're prepping. Look forward to pieces on Repo! The Genetic Opera, the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes remake, Frank Darabont, classic monster art, Torchwood, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, Laid to Rest, and more!

Here's a few more pictures from the course of the weekend to tide you over (click to open larger version in new window):

The Comic-Con logo at night

Our esteemed Managing Deaditor Julia Merriam
standing in front of a series of Dexter posters

Theme Week: "Are You My Mummy?"

Mummy Week

It's time for another good ol' tried-and-true theme week. Five days, five reviews. This time around, we tackle the ancient Egyptian (and occasionally Mayan) menace, the mummy. Swathed in bandages, he roams the desert (or countryside or swamp or whatever) killing anyone who disturbs his tomb (or steals his treasure or absconds with his beloved princess or uses the phrase "Do the needful").(read more...)

Shiverin' 6: Great Episodes of Horror Television

Scary TV: Blink #2

Doing a list-style feature can be an easy way to generate content. I like the idea in principle, but I try to avoid presumptuous "best of" lists when I can (and sometimes, I'll admit, I can't).

With this in mind, I've concocted the "Shiverin' 6" (with apologies to the Cinematical Seven). This irregular feature will present a list of a half-dozen really excellent films (or television episodes or fictional characters or whatever) that represent a certain topic, category, or subgenre. These items will not be touted as "the six best", but as "six of the best." Readers can (and should) leave a comment telling us about their favorites -- agreeing or disagreeing with our choices and making their own additions.(read more...)

Meet the Cast: CBS's "Moonlight"


A sunny spring afternoon may not seem like the best time to visit the set of a vampire show, but Moonlight vampires don’t burst into flames at the first hint of UV light.  They just have to wear sunglasses and they suffer from heat exhaustion if they spend too long in the daylight.  Of course, rehydrating a vampire takes something a little stronger than Gatorade.

Moonlight stars Alex O’Loughlin as vampire Mick St. John who works as a private investigator.  He’s in love with Beth Turner (Sophia Myles), a mortal woman and a reporter.  Together, they solve crimes.  The show also features Jason Dohring as Mick’s best friend, the hedonistic vampire Josef.  Eric Winters recently joined the cast as Assistant District Attorney Ben Talbot, the guy who shows up at all the crime scenes Mick and Beth crash.(read more...)

Morality and Mortality in "Pathology"

Pathology Cast

Death, to most people, is a fairly abstract concept. Pathologists, though, deal with the physical reality of death. They face daily reminders that the human body is easily broken. Reminders that every one of us has an expiration date.

Pathology, a new horror-thriller which came out in limited release on April 18th, gives us a look at a group of medical students that deal with death by pushing their own lives to the limits. Drugs, twisted sex and murder are just recreational activities for these characters.

“We've numbed ourselves to what death is to many people - to whatever that provokes,” says Michael Weston, who plays Dr. Jake Gallo. “And that numbness has caused us to try and find out what really makes us alive. My character has a bunch of friends that he corrals into this 'game' of murder. ”(read more...)

Five Horror Films for Easter

Killer Rabbit

Just because Easter is a major religious holiday doesn't mean that it can't be used as an excuse to sit down and watch a bunch of horror films. Please note that this article is not for the easily offended or the uneasily offended, for that matter.

(read more...)

David Cronenberg Week

David Cronenberg on the set of Videodrome

Maybe it was merely coincidence that three of our writers were all working on reviews of films directed by David Cronenberg at the same time, but we could hardly ignore it. If we're thinking about Canada's King of Veneral Horror right now, it's equally likely that you are, too. It's not surprising that he's in our heads right now, since he has a way of sticking there. The myriad of bizarre themes in his films -- the body politic, the melding of man and technology, and the conspiracy of/against society, among others -- are like viruses that subtly infect our brain cells, making residence and changing how we view the world. Even though Cronenberg has moved on to the more Oscar-friendly pastures of the crime drama in A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, the legacy of horror he has left in films like Shivers, Videodrome, and The Fly (1986) continue to shock audiences at both the visceral and intellectual levels.(read more...)

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