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Shocktober Foreign Frights: Misc. Countries

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Unfortunately, we're not able to get to every single part of the world in the limited amount of time alotted to us in a thirty-one day month. For our final celebration of foreign horror, we've thrown it open, looking at films from five different countries, each one dealing with popular horror subjects like death, vampires, and zombies in their own way.

Monday, October 27th: Un Chien Andalou (1929, France) by Robert Ring
Tuesday, October 28th: Dead Alive (1992, New Zealand) by John Dubrawa
Wednesday, October 29th: Daughters of Darkness (1971, Belgium) by Timothy J. Rush
Thursday, October 30th: Shiverin' 6: Great Italian Horror Movies (Feature) by Nate Yapp
Friday, October 31st: Dark Waters (1993, Russia) by Julia Merriam

Other Reviews of Misc. Foreign Horrors:

Haxan (1922, Sweden/Denmark)
J'Accuse (1938, France)
Eyes without a Face (1960, France)
The Devil's Nightmare (1971, Belgium)
Jack the Ripper (1976, Switzerland)
The Lift (1983, Netherlands)
Cassandra (1986, Australia)
Bad Taste (1988, New Zealand)
The Vanishing (1988, Netherlands/France)
Heavenly Creatures (1994, New Zealand)
The Frighteners (1996, New Zealand)
Funny Games (1997, Austria)
Wolf Creek (2005, Australia)
Black Sheep (2006, New Zealand)

Shocktober 2008: Foreign Frights:

October 1st - 4th: Mexico / South America
October 5th - 11th: Spain
October 12th - 18th: Germany
October 19th - 25th: Southeast Asia
October 26th - 31st: Miscellaneous